My First Leappad Learning System

My First LeapPad is a sturdy unit with an integral speaker and a "magic pen" that "reads" the spiral flip book included with the set. Other books and cartridges can be bought, and used with the same unit. My First LeapPad flip book consists of both an interactive story introducing the characters of Leap and his family, and (once you have flipped the book!) a selection of interactive games pages that encourage learning of numbers, colours, shapes and music making. A pleasant and encouraging voice reads the story written on the page, or if just one word is touched, the voice says that one word, encouraging word recognition. In game mode, the voice asks the child to find a specific number, or colour or object, and gives praise when the child succeeds.

Preloved item selling RM 100.00 includes
1 Blue Console
1 Blue Backpack
1 Book + Cartridge: Leap's Big Day

* Book + Cartridge: Cinderella shown in the photo is not included

Preloved item selling RM 80.00 includes
1 Pink Console
Book + Cartridge: Cinderella
** Book + Cartridge: Leap's Big Day shown in the photo is not included

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